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5 Most powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

Powerful ways about how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

1. Explore self-discovery

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

Before Elon Musk became a tech billionaire, he was just a normal kid. He was born and raised in South Africa. He went to school read books and played video games. But unlike the other kids Elon Musk was incredibly self disciplined.

He took an interest in computers at a young age turning himself into a self-taught programmer. He was so good that Elon Musk began selling code for his own games at only 12 years old.

While Elon Musk may have been a child prodigy his success came from his attitude. He was fearless in the face of a new challenge. So when he got excited about something he jumped on that opportunity. He took it upon himself to explore his passions to learn new skills and to turn all those lessons into something the world had never seen.

You too can use that same self-starting attitude to lead a more self disciplined life. Imagine you discover a new passion, you might do some surface-level research, you could read a book or two. But gradually your passion may fade into the background because with any subject. The more you learn the harder it gets and that challenge can leave you feeling intimidated or just plain lazy, so you stop pushing you to stop exploring.

You turn your attention back to something safe and familiar because well it’s easier that way. But what if Elon Musk had done the same thing what if he had gotten excited about computers learned had a program and then decided it was too hard.

What if he hadn’t had the confidence to discover new things on his own. If you want to be as disciplined as Elon Musk this is the very first step. Believe that you have the power to learn or explore anything on your own.  It doesn’t matter how crowded or complicated something is, if you’re passionate about it then you dive deeper. 

Don’t be afraid to invest your time and effort into something that gets you excited, because it doesn’t matter if you know everything. No one expects you to be the best in the world.

All you have to do is learn to expand your knowledge a little bit more every day because that self-discovery is the key to Elon Musk’s remarkable self discipline and if you follow in his footsteps it may be the key to yours. 

how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

2. Test your limits

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

Self discipline requires sacrifice there’s just no way around it.  You’ll have to sacrifice your time and your money.

You’ll miss out on the things that you want and commit way too much to the things you need. but making these  sacrifices isn’t as easy as it sounds it  takes years of practice and a whole lot  of self-control. 

That’s why Elon Musk decided to test his limits. He knew that he had a hard road ahead of him, he knew he’d have to make some hard decisions because he had big dreams. He was overflowing with ambition and he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way. 

So we put his self discipline to the test. how did he do that? By spending a single dollar on food every day. Now keep  in mind this was his choice. He had  enough money to afford a normal diet but he wasn’t interested in doing what was comfortable.

He wanted to prove to himself that he could make sacrifices, that he could set aside anything. even his own well-being if it helped him achieve his dreams. now I’m not saying you need to do something this dramatic but testing your limits is an important part of developing self-discipline.

First of all, testing your limits shows you what your limits are. It gives you the chance to discover what you can and can’t live without. For example, you might not think you watch much TV but let’s say you try cutting TV out of your life entirely, you might realize that you watched a lot more TV than you thought.

Of course realizing those limits is just the first step because now you know what’s holding you back. So you can practice making those sacrifices on a  regular basis every so often stop watching TV for a few days.

Practice cutting that time waster out of your life. It may not actually be that big of a distraction, but each time you’re proving to yourself that you’re in control that you have the power to choose and to make sacrifices when you need to so incorporate these exercises into your life. 

Practice living without your normal luxuries, that way when the time comes you’ll have the self discipline to make hard decisions.

how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

3. Prioritize improvement

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

When you’re as busy as Elon Musk, there’s a lot on your plate, it’s a never-ending stream of job problems and concerns.

So how do you stay  disciplined and concentrate on the tasks  that matter. Elon musk uses one simple question, Am I going to make something better? If you are then do it. if not it’s not worth your time.

Now I’ll admit, it’s not usually that simple. There are a lot of jobs that toe the line. Think about answering emails for example. well you’re not actually improving anything it may be a critical part of your job. Your emails might help someone else work on a  project. Solve an important problem or just keep the line of production moving smoothly.

So even if you’re not directly improving something it’s still worthwhile, because you can pinpoint a  reason why you’re doing it as you go through your day. Make sure you know why you’re doing everything you do and that way you’re focusing on tasks that serve a purpose. 

According to Elon Musk you should always prioritize this kind of production even if that means rearranging your to-do list or opting out of a job that takes you in the wrong direction.

If you can make improvement your priority, you’ll find yourself being more productive and feeling more fulfilled because you control what you do and don’t do. You decide all on your own what is and isn’t worth your time.

That’s why you’ll find Elon Musk watching movies or playing  video games before wasting time at work. He knows that work is about efficiency and progress. He explains that you should  be accomplishing those two things every day, otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels you’re not going anywhere or doing anything.

What about self discipline? How does prioritizing improvement help you live a more controlled lifestyle? Well the more prolific and efficient you are the more self discipline, you’ll develop it, because you’ll feel like you’re on the ball, like you’re really getting things done. That pride gives you momentum which snowballs into weeks months and even years of productivity.

how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

4. Find core habits

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

It’s important to have a morning routine an organized series of habits that energize, motivate, and inspire you in the morning. But sometimes life just gets in the way. You get excited about a project or invest in a  conversation and that becomes a higher priority.

This is what most mornings look like for Elon Musk. He’s so self disciplined that he fills every nook and cranny of his life with work. Unfortunately that means many healthy habits get left in the dust.

For example  Elon Musk rarely eats breakfast, not because breakfast isn’t important but because he gets swept up in his passions and once that happens there’s no stopping him.

But there are some habits that Elon Musk just can’t live without. These are his core habits. things  he does every single day no matter how  busy he is. Because these habits act as a  foundation for his entire day. For Elon  Musk showering is an absolute necessity,  it doesn’t matter how busy he is in the mornings, he always makes time to shower. Because he knows how important this  habit is for his productivity. 

Now of course core habits work differently for everybody. For Elon Musk showering will always outweigh breakfast. But you might feel the opposite or maybe you rely on something else entirely like exercise, meditation, or goal-setting. It really doesn’t matter which one hits you the hardest as long as you know what your core habits are and practice them on a daily basis.

But what about the all-important question how does this improve your self discipline? Some mornings you’re going to feel overwhelmed, you’re going to have a lot on your mind and you’ll be tempted to abandon your routine. But your core habits will always get your head back on straight. You can fall back on these rituals to clear your mind, to reorient your thinking and to launch you into another productive day.

how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

5. Incorporate Feedback loops

powerful ways to build Self Discipline as Elon Musk

There’s a saying that you are always your biggest critic and it’s true. But that critical feedback can help you build a more self disciplined lifestyle. 

The constructive feedback gives you an avenue for change. It shows you an area of your life that you can improve upon or reinvent. That’s why Elan musk uses his own feedback all the time creating something called a feedback loop.

A feedback loop is when the output of a system is reincorporated as an input into the same system. In other words, you try something you think of a way that you can do it better, and then you use that idea to change your behavior the next time around.

But what’s the point of a feedback loop you ask?  Elon Musk uses them to question himself and search for new ways to streamline is a lifestyle.  But you can also use feedback loops to refine your habits, troubleshoot your insecurities, or simply live a happier life.

how to be self disciplined as Elon Musk

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